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Find the perfect Whisky related gift at our shop in Southport

“Inspiration’s whit a dram might yield…”

Much like Robert Burns, the Dram gift shop Southport loves Whisky. And we love helping people find the perfect Whisky related gifts.

We know you can go to the local supermarket and pick up a bottle, so that’s why the Dram Gift Shop in Churchtown, Southport will be bringing you the finest selection of whisky, Whiskey, Whiskeys and Whiskies. We’ll take you on a wee dram tour of the world, and offer a range of gorgeous Whisky related gifts for the Whisky lover in your life.

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Uisge beatha

Although its name comes from the Gaeilic for ‘water of life’ Whisky is now distilled around the world. The Dram gift shop Southport will be bringing you these tastes from around the world, direct to Churchtown. 

Be it Akashi from the White Oak distillery in the Hyogo Prefecture of Japan, a drop of American Bourbon, or closer to home a Lochranza Malt from the isle of Arran, The Dram gift shop in Southport will hold some of the finest whisky from around the world.

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O Whisky! soul o plays and pranks!

The Dram gift shop Southport will have a fine selection of Whisky based gifting ideas.

Buy somebody a razor made from a whisky barrel in Scotland, and sign their card with a pen made from the same. 

With Whisky infused teas, coffees, chocolates and fudge and a wide range of glassware, decanters and hip flasks in store, the Dram gift shop southport will quickly become the only place you think of when you think of Whisky.

Not discovered Whisky yet?

Come into the shop and we’ll talk you through the aromas and tastes to find your new favourite. 

Try by the dram, buy by the bottle.

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