Tasting Events

At the Dram we understand that everyone has different tastes and are at very different levels in their whisky journey. So we provide tasting events for all tastes and levels and most certainly do not judge on lack of knowledge or understanding. We aim to help everybody who attends to go away with some new knowledge of what they like and why, but more importantly we want you to enjoy the experience.

Our new tasting lounge (The Peacock Lounge) provides a relaxed and atmospheric location to discover the exciting world of whisky. Then relax afterwards with a bottle of beer of a whisky coffee if you prefer. There are a number of different tastings to eperience and we plan to add more and change them up each time so you can keep coming back for more!! No matter what your level.

the Peacock lounge

In 2023 after only 12 months we moved to a larger premises. In part this was so we could build on the success our tasting area and set up a tasting lounge. We wanted it to be more comfortable and have that whisky lounge feel that we were missing.

The Peacock Lounge has proved to be just that. Holding our tastings in there in the evenings and serving whisky infused tea and coffee (and Drams of course).

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Tasting Themes

Whiskies will change from tasting to tasting.

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